Electrician Underground

Location: Pleasantville, NJ, United States
Organization: Atlantic City Electric Co
Job ID: 248805
Date Posted: May 18, 2023
Job: UNIONDEPTS-Underground Dept

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Job Description


Responsible for the safety of themselves, crew members and the public. Responsible for installing, maintaining and trouble shooting various types of Underground Network Transmission and Distribution systems, Direct Buried Distribution and Secondary systems. Must participate in tailboard, follow proper work standards and practices, complete job assignments in a timely fashion and be able to use the appropriate tools necessary to splice, wipe cables.


Proof of completion of Underground Electrician's Apprenticeship and/or Underground Electrician's certification or equivalent.

Experience demonstrating skill splicing high voltage wires/cables to include lead wiping, heat shrink, hand wrap, and molded and bolted rubber connections.

Experience demonstrating skill pulling cables to replace faulty wires and lines, to include measuring, cutting, bending, and/or installing electrical cable and conduit.

Experience demonstrating skill connecting wiring to power equipment and lighting fixtures and installing ground leads.

Experience demonstrating skill installing and maintaining high and low voltage underground equipment to include fixed electrical control and distribution systems (e.g., network protectors, transformers).

Experience demonstrating skill testing and troubleshooting electrical equipment and circuit continuity using instruments and other testing/monitoring equipment (e.g., meters, testers, meggers, ammeters).

Experience demonstrating skill using primary and secondary fault locating procedures and equipment.

Experience demonstrating skill using hand tools (e.g., electric drills, drill press, cut off saw, grinder) to assist in installation of cable and/or equipment.

Knowledge of basic transmission and distribution system electrical equipment and circuits (e.g., AC and DC controls, protective relaying and switchgear).

Knowledge of rigging techniques to guide winch lines and lift/lower equipment. Experience demonstrating skill comprehending and following verbal or written instructions.

Experience demonstrating skill documenting work activities (e.g., preventative maintenance).

Ability and willingness to work rotating shifts, including weekends, holidays, extended hours and overtime, with little or no notice.

Ability and willingness to work on or around hazardous equipment/materials (for example, open flames, heavy equipment, etc.) and/or energized electrical equipment.

Ability and willingness to work in a variety of work environments including all weather conditions, on unstable work surfaces, in confined spaces, enclosed vessels, underground, in dark areas, or areas with limited lighting, mud, dust, noxious fumes, noisy, and dirty environments with proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Ability and willingness to wear and use safety equipment (for example, hard hat, steel toed shoes, glasses, side shield, hearing protection, flame retardant clothing), including a respirator, as required by Federal, State, Local and Company regulations and adhere to safety regulations and policies.

Ability and willingness to perform physically challenging tasks for extended periods of time (for example, climbing, shoveling, swinging picks, bending, twisting, kneeling, crawling, pulling/pushing, standing, walking, squatting and lifting up to 75 pounds).

Ability and willingness to drive and operate boom and winch equipment and aerial lift bucket trucks.

Ability and willingness to perform a Second Role in accordance with PH's Emergency Preparedness Guidelines for all employees.

Must possess a Class A CDL or be willing to obtain one within 6 months of entry into the position.

Must successfully pass a Qualification Test. Must have a valid driver's license.

Must successfully pass a Criminal History Background Check which consists of a 7-year criminal records check for felony convictions Must successfully pass a Medical Screening to include a Drug Test.



Experience demonstrating skill reading and understanding prints, schematics, one lines, maps, and drawing/diagrams.

Experience demonstrating skill repairing faulty equipment or systems.

Experience demonstrating skill splicing underwater transmission lines.

Experience demonstrating skill driving backhoes, trenchers, plows, pickup trucks, and boom trucks.



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